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What the Community has to Say or "Testimonials" or something else....

"I hired Crime Shield to put up some cameras around my home and install an alarm for security purposes. One day I  was at work and the alarm company called me and told me that my alarm had just gone off at the house. I was able to quickly go on my app on my iPhone and view the cameras at my home. I was able to see that somebody had broke into my home and was still on my property.  I was able to relay that information to the monitoring company and the police. The burglar got away initially but the video evidence from my surveillance cameras helped the officers arrest him. I'm really glad that I had Crime Shield to do such a great job installing my alarm, cameras and monitoring my home!"---- Marty S.


"Crime shield installed an alarm in my home. They started on the job quickly and were very efficient and professional. I am very happy with the response times from the monitoring company when my alarm does activate and the system is easy to use. I would recommend Crime Shield to anyone looking for any type of security for their home or business."--- Joel F.

"I am a grandmother and I frequently have my two young grandchildren over to my home. I was concerned about my pool and the little children being safe so I called Crime Shield and they installed a pool alarm. One day I was going to the bathroom and one of the children went out one of the doors that connects to the pool. The alarm immediately went off and I was able to get out there before she fell in the pool. Thanks to Crime Shield and Jon's professional service, a possible pool accident  was avoided. Thank you Crime Shield!!" --- Maryann A.


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